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At BEEM Group, we are assisting industries in decarbonising their off-road fleets, offering products that are truly clean, reduce noise pollution, and save you money.

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Why transition to Electric

Financial Benefits of Electric Construction Equipment

Savings on fuel and maintenance means the Brumby machines will effectively pay for themselves compared to diesel powered that are constantly costing you money. Added financial bonuses are also gained from greater resale value and less requirement to find technicians for servicing. The financial advantages of battery electric machinery is well know and generally considered a no brainer.

Health Benefits of Electric Construction Equipment

The reduction of particulates, vibration and noise are well documented advantages battery electric machinery has over diesel powered machines. The OH&S improvements from these machines to our workplace and personal lives should be paramount when considering the purchase of machinery. Simply having Brumby machines enables you to tick all regulatory and de-risking boxes when dealing with OH&S whether it be for business or personal use.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Construction Equipment

Decarbonizing the machinery we use has become a hot and important topic. Whether you believe in climate change or not the need to do this both happening and happening fast, it is coming whether we want it or not. We can all do our part in this sector and purchasing a Brumby electric battery is an easy and convenient way to help. Brumby prides itself on considering all factors of reducing carbon emissions in its ethos and management including aiming for carbon neutral certification, embracing renewable power sources and staying involved to offer end of life disposing of batteries.

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