BEEM Group

1. Warranty Coverage:

1.1. Beem Group Pty Ltd (“Company”) warrants that its Products (“Product”) are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ‘Table A’ from the Purchase Date.
1.2. This Warranty (“Warranty”) covers the repair or replacement of defective parts of the Product during the Warranty period ‘Table A’. The Company will, at its discretion, either repair or replace any defective parts, as deemed necessary.
1.3 Only authorised personnel of the Company can approve Warranty claims or deviate from this Policy (“Policy”) in any manner.
1.4 The Customer is responsible for inspecting the Product once received and must report any defects within 5 business days from the Purchase Date. Failure to report defects within this specified period may default to the standard statutory Warranty.
1.5 Beem Group Pty Ltd bears no liability for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from unit damage or failure under any circumstances.
1.6 The Product requires preventive maintenance, as specified in the operating instructions, manuals, recommendations and documentation. It is the Customer’s responsibility to conduct regular care and maintenance. Neglecting proper care and maintenance may result in the Warranty being voided.

Operating SystemDescriptionWarranty Time / Hours
(whichever comes first)
StructuresFront and Rear Frame (excluding the articulated
ROPS Canopy
Loader Frame
Bucket Control Dog Bones and Link Arms
Rear Bumper
Side and Rear Doors / Cowlings (excluding seat)
Articulated Joint
Pins and Bushes
Door Latches
Grease Nipples
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
3months / 250hrs
No Warranty
Drive SystemSteering Wheel and Column
Wiring Harnesses
Display Screen (interface)
Accelerator Pedal (PCM)
Drive Diffs and Axels (including seals)
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
3months / 250hrs
No Warranty
Braking SystemBrake Lines
Brake Drums (excluding pads)
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Wheel Cylinders
Brake Pads
Rubber Foot Pad
12months / 1000hrs
12months / 1000hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
No Warranty
No Warranty
Hydraulic SystemHydraulic Tank
Hydraulic Cylinders (excluding seals)
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Control Valves
Joystick Controls
Hydraulic Hoses and Quick Connect Couplers
Hydraulic Cylinder Seals
Dowdy Washers
O-Rings and Rubber Seals
Hydraulic Oil and Filter
12months / 1000hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
No Warranty
No Warranty
BatteryCranking Battery
Solar Charging System (optional)
Battery Isolator
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
Air Conditioning System (if applicable)
Flashing Light and Indicators
Fuses & Cables
Light Bulbs
6months / 500hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
No Warranty
No Warranty
OtherMirrors / Glass
Seat and Seat Belt
6months / 500hrs
6months / 500hrs
Attachments4 in 1 Bucket (excluding bucket teeth)
Product Range of Forks (excluding tynes)
General Purpose Bucket (excluding bucket teeth)
Auger (excluding teeth)
Digger (excluding bucket teeth)
Slasher and Mower (excluding cutting blades)
Rake (excluding blades)
Ground Engaging Tools
Tynes and Blades
Bucket Teeth
Cutting Blades
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
3months / 250hrs
No Warranty
No Warranty
No Warranty
No Warranty

2. Warranty Exclusions:

2.1. This Warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from:

a. The misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance of the Product.
b. Installation, operation, or maintenance that does not comply with the operator’s manual, or against
the advice provide by the Company.
c. Unauthorized modifications or alterations of the Product.
d. Which is considered normal wear and tear by the Company.
e. Accidents, fire, flood, or any other external causes
f. Transport charges should the Product be found in operable condition.
g. If the batteries have exceeded the designed number of duty cycles.
h. Any unauthorized Warranty repairs will not be reimbursed by the company.

3. Warranty Claim Procedure:

3.1. To make a Warranty claim, the customer must:

a. Contact the Company’s Warranty team by completing the online warranty form on the Beem Group Website – within the specified Warranty period.
b. Include the name and contact information of the Product owner.
c. Provide the Product Purchase Date.
d. The current location of the Product.
e. Attach a clear photo of the Product serial number name plate.
f. Provide both photos and/or a video clearly showcasing the Product defect or issue.
g. Offer a detailed description of the Product issue or defect, including what the Product was doing prior to the occurrence, when it happened, and the nature of the defect/issue.
h. Please include any additional information related to the Warranty claims, such as technician reports, maintenance records and previous Warranty claim information.

Note: These are mandatory requirements for submitting a Warranty claim. Claims will only be reviewed after all these fields have been properly submitted.

3.2. The Company will evaluate the Warranty claim, and if it is deemed valid, we will provide instructions for returning the Product to our base for repair. In cases where returning the Product to our base is not feasible, the Company will ONLY provide the customer with the necessary repair parts.
3.3. If any repair work, whether covered by Warranty or not, is conducted by an unauthorized individual, the Warranty may become invalid.

4. Warranty Limitations:

4.1. This Warranty provided herein is the only Warranty applicable to the Product and is exclusive in nature.
It supersedes all other warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
4.2. This Warranty is the sole and complete Warranty offered by the company for the Product.
4.3. In no event shall the Company be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising
out of or in connection with the Product or this Warranty.
4.4. Connection, operation and/or use of parts, components and accessories etc, which do not meet the
specifications recommended by the Company.
4.5. Damage due to shipping, transport or handling.

5. Governing Law:

5.1. This Warranty is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the relevant state or
territory consumer protection laws.

6. Force Majeure Exclusion:

6.1. Warranty Exclusion for Force Majeure Events:
This Warranty does not cover failures, damages, or defects in the Product resulting from events of force
majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and
fires), acts of war, civil disturbances, riots, strikes, or any other events beyond the reasonable control of
the company.

7. Care and Operation of Equipment:

7.1. Proper care and operation of the equipment are essential to maintain the Warranty coverage. To
ensure the longevity and reliability of the Product, customers are advised to:

a. Follow all operating and maintenance instructions provided in the Product operation manual.
b. Regularly inspect and lubricate moving parts as recommended in the Product operation manual.
c. Perform routine maintenance as outlined in the Product operation manual.
d. Operate the equipment within specified load limits, speed limits, and environmental conditions as outlined in the Product operation manual.

7.2. Failure to adhere to the recommended care and operation guidelines may void the Warranty coverage, particularly if it results in damage or defects covered by the exclusions listed in Section 2 (Warranty Exclusions).
7.3. If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the proper care, operation, or maintenance of the Product, they are encouraged to contact the Company’s warranty department for guidance.

8. Authorized Repairs and Warranty Voidance:

8.1. All repairs and servicing of the equipment covered under this Warranty must be performed by
authorised and trained technicians approved by the company.
8.2. Unauthorised repairs, servicing, or modifications performed by individuals or service providers not
authorised by the company may void the Warranty coverage.
8.3. To ensure that Warranty coverage remains valid, customers are required to:

a. Contact the Company for guidance on authorised service centres or technicians.
b. Keep records of all maintenance, repairs, and servicing, including receipts and invoices from
authorised technicians.

8.4. Any equipment that has been serviced or repaired by unauthorised technicians or entities will not be
eligible for Warranty coverage, and any associated repair or replacement costs will be the responsibility
of the Customer.

9. Contact Information:

Warranty claim / inquiry form can be found on the Beem Group website

10. Definitions:

“Base” means the Beem Group Pty Ltd warehouse or workshop.
“Company” means Beem Group Pty Ltd.
“Customer” means any Person to whom Beem Group Pty Ltd provides Products and/or services.
“Product” means the equipment, parts and components that the Customer purchases or wishes to purchase from Beem Group Pty Ltd.
“Policy” means a set of rules, guidelines or principles established by the Company.
“Purchase Date” means a Product which was bought or acquired by the Buyer.
“Warranty” means a commitment or assurance provided by the Company.