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Brumby Electric Machinery
Brumby Electric Machinery
Brumby Articulated Loader
Brumby VII Electric Mini Loader
Brumby VII Loader
Brumby Electric Wheel Loader
Brumby I
Brumby IV Electric Mini Wheel Loader
Brumby IV
Brumby V Electric Machinery
Brumby V
Brumby 1.7T Electric Excavator
Brumby XVII
Brumby Electric Dumper
Brumby VIII Electric Dumper
Brumby Electric Forklift
Brumby IX Electric Foklift
Brumby X Electric Wheel Loader
Brumby X Articulated Loader
Brumby XII Electric Excavator
Brumby XII Mini Excavator
Brumby 1.7T Electric Excavator
Brumby XVII Mini Excavator
JGM Electric Wheel Loader
JGM 857E Electric Wheel Loader
JGM 3070 Electric Skid Steer
JGM 3070 Electric Skid Steer
JGM 870E Electric Excavator
JGM 870E
JGM 8T Wheeled Excavator
JGM 8T Electric Wheeler Excavator
JGM 24T Electric Excavator
JGM 24T Electric Excavator
Brumby JGM 860E Electric Excavator
JGM 860E
HZM 936 Wheel Loader
HZM 936
HZM 927 Front End Loader
HZM 927
HZM 918 Small Wheel Loader
HZM 918
HZM 825T Telescopic Loader
HZM 825T Telehandler
HZM 7330T Telescopic Handler
HZM 7330T

A Range of Choices, One Commitment: Your Success

We offer a diverse range of machinery, including both diesel and electric options, tailoring our offerings to suit the specific needs of your construction project. Each machine is designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability in challenging conditions.

We are committed to providing top-quality equipment, ensuring peak performance to meet the demands of any project.

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